Get in on Great Promotions

When a casino offers you a promotion, you can bet that they are not doing it just for you to take more of their money. Promos are a way to get people seated at their games, which leads to the casino making more money. There are a bunch of different promotional events that a casino can offer, and while some of them may incur a loss by the casino at first, each one is designed to get you into their building and part you with your money. This doesn’t mean that they are not worthwhile to take part in, though. You just need to be selective about how you choose which promotions to take part in, and which to steer clear of.

First, anything involving an investment on your part with no immediate return is something that you should scrutinize carefully. Raffles, and similar contests, can have huge rewards, but the odds of winning are so low usually that they are not worth the entry fee. Just because you know this, though, doesn’t mean that everyone else does. And the good news is that when there are promotions going on in a casino, the attendance rates are usually a lot higher. For a game like poker, this means that there will be a lot of people in the poker room that are not as talented as the usual crowds. For someone with poker knowledge, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the weaker field and boost your profit rate by a huge number, especially if you hop in on some of the lower level ring games before and after a big tournament.
Take the Promotions
That leads to the next promotional tool. Casinos often have tournaments designed to bring in big crowds. These can be for poker, but not necessarily. There are tourneys for all sorts for casino games, blackjack, slots, and craps being some of the most popular competitions. These tourneys are actually a great way to enhance your moneymaking ability, especially because you are competing against others and not the house. There may be special rules to learn for some games, but these are usually pretty standardized. Learning the optimum theory for competing in these games can give you a big edge and a positive expected value on your investment. Blackjack especially has a positive return when you mix proper bet sizes with a perfect playing strategy. This is just an example, but the bottom line is that tournaments usually have a lot of people, a huge payout, and an element of skill can give you a huge edge. All of these make this type of promotion a great opportunity for serious bettors.

Other types of promotions are completely harmless to take part in. You have only a small chance of winning these types, but there’s no cost to you and the unlikely does have to happen to someone. Examples of these include drawings for free cars, random giveaways, and betting vouchers. As long as you don’t have to pay upfront for these, they’re a great opportunity. And because they draw extra people in, the money that the casino might seem to be losing is quickly made up for and then some.

There are the everyday promos to take advantage of, too. Join a rewards card at your local casino if you can. These are usually just a credit card type piece of plastic that the casino will give you. When you play a game, the dealer has a pit boss scan the card once in a while and points are added. Eventually, you can trade these points in for things like free food, hotel stays, merchandise, or even cash back. They’re free to sign up for and they give you free stuff for your time., so they’re defintiely worth signing up for if you can.

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