Things to Know When Gambling

Casinos are fun, sure, but they’re even more fun when you are winning. First though, remember that it is great publicity for a casino to have winners once in a while. It shows that it is worth coming there and playing their games. Of course, they can’t have everyone win because then they would go out of business. But someone has to win once in a while, and it might as well be you. Knowing what you’re doing before you start, plus avoiding common pitfalls, will give you a big advantage over everyone else.

The odds in most games promote big swings in winnings and losses. The overall trend for most games is downward, though, and this is how the casinos keep making money. But, because there are big outliers, it’s still possible to win big on a game that puts the general public at an overall disadvantage. In a game like craps, this is especially true. There’s a common myth that sometimes the dice are hot and people win big, but each throw is a random occurrence and independent of the last roll. There’s no such thing as “hot” dice, but there are times when things go in cycles. The best way to take advantage of this is to play as close to a perfect strategy as you can. Focus on maxing out your odds bets, and play the come as often as you can. This will reduce the casinos edge to less than 1 percent on most tables, and this will help you so that when the dice are cyclings upward, you will be winning more than anyone else at the table. Also, stay away from the single throw bets. The odds are heavily stacked against you when you do this, and you might win big once in a while, but odds are you are just going to lose your cash on these.
Learn the Fair Edge
Another game that you can win big on is blackjack. There are books and movies out there about counting cards and shuffle tracking, and these things do work, but you don’t necessarily need to do these things to win. Playing good basic strategy will reduce the casino’s edge to about 2 percent overall, but by practicing good money management, you will actually take it to about 0, and this means that you have just as good of a chance as the casino. Make sure you know what the right play is on every dealer hand and you will find that when the cards are hitting for you, you will keep winning.

Whatever you do, there are some common things to know and be aware of. Don’t chase your losses, for starters. Doubling up your bet after a loss can make sense on the surface, but it is a bad strategy long term. If the casino has the edge, betting more when you’re losing is giving them even more money. You should try and only increase your bets when you’re winning in order to give yourself a cushion while the odds are working for you and you can afford to lose more.

Also, don’t play when you’re tired. Setting time limits for yourself can help here. A lot of people find that they should have left the casino an hour ago, when they were up big, but by the time they’ve actually left to go back to their hotel room, they are now down. Avoid this by trying to walk away when you’re up. There are lots of mental tricks that you can play on yourself to just keep playing, but establish some ground rules for yourself before you begin and this will be less likely to happen.